Maybeshewill is James Collins, Matthew Daly, John Helps, Robin Southby and Jamie Ward.

Since 2006 they have released 4 studio albums and an EP, always aspiring to be as self-sufficient as possible, sticking to a steadfastly DIY ethos and self recording all their material to date.

“It’s a rush, the sound of a band throwing everything at scaling peaks of their own making. Fair Youth continues an established pattern as Maybeshewill attempt to burn bright at every turn.” – Drowned in Sound

“With ‘Fair Youth’, Maybeshewill have never sounded better… ‘Fair Youth’ is the perfect example of how to get post-rock instrumental music right.” – DIY

Not only is their wellspring of underlying grandeur being tapped, it’s also clear that there’s even greater things to come” Kerrang

“Maybeshewill have pulled out all the stops for their third album: It’s quite simply a widescreen body of work” – Artrocker

“The most ball-bustingly intense and breathtakingly beautiful thing they’ve done. Pretty damn special” – RockSound

“Noisy brilliance that gets right inside the battered crevices of your skull and pounds on the sides” NME

“There’s both a haunting beauty and a fun likeability about the band” – Big Cheese