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June 01, 2009


Sing The Word Hope In Four Part Harmony

  • You Can't Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist
  • Co-Conspirators
  • This Time Last Year
  • Accept and Embrace
  • How To Have Sex With A Ghost
  • Our History Will Be What We Make Of It
  • Last Time This Year
  • Sing The Word Hope In Four Part Harmony

The album is a lesson in how to get post-rock right; like fellow instrumentalists 65 days of Static Maybeshewill blend poignant vocal samples and beautifully engineered musical scapes which really add another layer to the music, and set them apart from the quagmire of post-rock drone out there. The record is direct and to the point. It’s equally haunting and uplifting. It’s engaging and genuinely begging to be the soundtrack to Armageddon. – Die Shellsuit Die (9/10)
Four-Part Harmony drops some of Trying’s softer moments in search of something that sounds darker, much heavier, and much angrier. The first two tracks here barely pause to catch breath, furious drumming and metal riffs abound and despite the occasional breakdown the music maintains a hugely successful momentum. It’s not until a minute into This Time Last Year that the band take the volume down a notch and remind us of their ability to pen an unforgettable cyclic piano riff - Sputnik Music (4.5/5)