We are pleased to announce that we will be playing a special, one off show in the Queen Elizabeth Hall at London’s Southbank Centre as part of Robert Smith’s Meltdown on the 24th June.

We were incredibly flattered that Robert asked us to join the line-up and once the shock wore off we decided that, honestly, It’s not the sort of invitation you turn down.

As rehearsals get underway we’ll be able to tell you a bit more about what we have planned, but we’re delighted to be joined for the show by our friends iLiKETRAiNS​.

Tickets go on sale at 10am on April 13th from The Southbank Centre’s Website.

When we announced the last tour we knew we wanted to document the final show at Koko. Partly that was for us – to have something to look back at in ten or twenty years and remember that moment – but we were also humbled by how many people wanted to see us one last time, and we know there are many who couldn’t. We’re incredibly lucky to be in that position.

We’ve worked on this with our long time collaborators WeTheConspirators, who have put so many hours in to getting it just right, and we can’t thank them enough for that. Our very own Jamie Ward has slaved over the audio to make sure the mix is as good as it can possibly be, and we think it sounds amazing. We never imagined we could produce something this ambitious on a shoestring budget, keeping everything within the small team we built up over the last decade. We hope it’s an adequate substitute for the real thing if you weren’t there, and an accurate document of that evening if you were.

We’re streaming the whole thing for free, but should you wish to download and keep a copy in HD, with uncompressed audio – that looks and sounds amazing – you can do just that. In return all we ask is a small voluntary charity donation, 100% of which will be sent to Friends of the Earth.

At this particular point in time more than ever we think it’s important to acknowledge the impact that we as humans are having on our planet and it’s climate. As a band our carbon footprint is embarrassingly large – predominantly through more air travel than we care to remember and thousands of miles in vans between shows – and If we can go some small way to offsetting that, we believe we should.


With this being our last chance to head out on the road we’ve thought long and hard about who we take with us, and we’re unbelievably excited to tell you who it will be.

It’s been really important to us that we have bands we love both musically and as people on all of these shows so for all the UK Shows, we will be joined by the the mighty YOU SLUT! who are reforming especially for this tour. They’ve been an influence on us as from very early on, and we’re so pleased that they’ve been able to make this work. We’ll also be joined by our Fair Youth touring brothers FLOOD OF RED in Glasgow, one of our earliest touring partners WORRIEDABOUTSATAN in Leeds and our home-town brothers and sister HER NAME IS CALLA for the Leicester show.

For the European dates we’ll be joined by our Leicester brothers SPEAKING IN ITALICS up to and including Berlin, and our Robot Needs Home Label mates WAKING AIDA from Berlin until the end of the tour. Lucky Berlin gets both bands.

In New York City we’re going to be joined by DRIFTOFF, who we absolutely cannot wait to see.

Just incase all that is incredibly confusing…

20.02.16 BOWERY BALLROOM, NEW YORK w/ Driftoff
25.02.16 FUZZ, ATHENS
29.02.16 ATLAS, KIEV
11.03.16 VK, BRUSSELS w/ Speaking In Italics
12.03.16 EXTASE @ 013, TILBURG w/ Speaking In Italics
13.03.16 EKKO, UTRECHT w/ Speaking In Italics
14.03.16 GEBAUDE9, COLOGNE w/ Speaking In Italics
15.03.16 MOLOTOW, HAMBURG w/ Speaking In Italics
16.03.16 CASSIOPEIA, BERLIN w/ Speaking In Italics & Waking Aida
17.03.16 HYDROZAGADKA, WARSAW w/ Waking Aida
18.03.16 KLUB FIRLEJ, WROCLAW w/ Waking Aida
20.03.16 NOD THEATRE, PRAGUE w/ Waking Aida
21.03.16 DURER KERT, BUDAPEST w/ Waking Aida
22.03.16 CHELSEA, VIENNA w/ Waking Aida
23.03.16 ROCKHOUSE, SALZBURG w/ Waking Aida
24.03.16 CIRCOLO MAGNOLIA, MILAN w/ Waking Aida
25.03.16 KIFF, AARAU w/ Waking Aida
26.03.16 BATOFAR, PARIS w/ Waking Aida
12.04.16 STEREO, GLASGOW w/ You Slut! & Flood of Red
13.04.16 THE BRUDENELL, LEEDS w/ You Slut! & Worriedaboutsatan
14.04.16 THE Y THEATRE, LEICESTER w/ You Slut! & Her Name Is Calla
15.04.16 KOKO, LONDON w/ You Slut!

Some shows are getting particularly close to selling out, notably the London final show which is down to well under 200 tickets – we won’t be upgrading this show it a bigger venue, so once they’re gone they’re gone! We’ll post up some videos and tracks by all the supports in the coming weeks. We really hope you can make it out to help us say goodbye in the best way possible.



In our ongoing effort to get to see as many of you as possible on our final tour we’ve added a whole crop of shows in mainland Europe, across as far as Ukraine and Russia. These are in addition to the UK dates previously announced.

It’s important to us that we’re able to add a show in Paris to this final tour – particularly in light of recent events – so we’re working really hard to get that confirmed as soon as humanly possible. We’ll keep you updated, but for obvious reasons it’s taking a little time.

Unfortunately aside from that these will be the only European shows we’re able to play, so please come out and see us if you’re able to.

Ticket links will be added over on our shows page, as and when we have them.

We’ll be announcing the supports in the new year, but for now – we’d really love to see you there – let us know which ones you’re planning on coming to.


25.02.16 – ATHENS, Fuzz

26.02.16 – MOSCOW, Theatre

27.02.16 – ST. PETERSBURG, Club Zal

29.02.16 – KIEV, Atlas

11.03.16 – BRUSSELS, VK

12.03.16 – TILBURG, Extase

13.03.16 – UTRECHT, Ekko

14.03.16 – COLOGNE, Gebaude9

15.03.16 – HAMBURG, Molotow

16.03.16 – BERLIN, Cassiopeia

17.03.16 – WARSAW, Hydrozagadka

18.03.16 – WROCLAW, Alibi

20.03.16 – PRAGUE, NoD Theatre

21.03.16 – BUDAPEST, Durer Kert

22.03.16 – VIENNA, Chelsea

23.03.16 – SALZBERG, Rockhouse

24.03.16 – MILAN, Circolo Magnolia

25.03.16 – AARAU, Kiff

12.04.16 – GLASGOW, Stereo

13.04.16 – LEEDS, Brudenell

14.04.16 – LEICESTER, Y Theatre

15.04.16 – LONDON, Koko

In addition to the final show at Koko, we’ve added a handful more UK dates to what will become our final tour. There are a million places we wanted to go back to but there are only so many places we can squeeze in to the time available to us – so…

We’ll be hitting Glasgow Stereo for you guys in Scotland and Leeds Brudenell for those of you in the north.

We’re making our penultimate show a home-town affair in Leicester for the city that set us on this path and which has been our home and safe harbour for the duration of our existence. We’ve always been proud to call ourselves a Leicester band and it will undoubtedly be an emotional show.

The final show itself is now well over half way to being sold out – we’d really love for that to happen, so please join us if you can to see out the last twelve years in the best way possible.

Ticket links for all the shows can be found over on the SHOWS page.


So, we have some sad news…

Maybeshewill will be touring for the last time at the start of 2016.

When we started this band over a decade ago it was just a bedroom project that we never really imagined playing live with. Every little thing we’ve achieved with it since then has been both a surprise and an incredible bonus. The five of us have spent the last few years getting to tour the world, seeing some incredible places and meeting some of the finest people we could possibly imagine meeting, both on and off stage. Being given the chance to do all this has been like living some sort of crazy dream for the majority of our adult lives, but eventually you have to return to reality. So I suppose that’s what we’re doing now.

We’ve thought about calling this a hiatus or just saying things are over, but if we’re completely honest we can’t quite bring ourselves to put our feet firmly in either camp. There are numerous personal reasons why this has to happen for some of us. For others I’m sure they’d prefer to be carrying on, but the nature of a band means that you have to find a solution which suits everyone and that’s what we’re doing here. That’s why we’ve decided that these will be our last shows and leaving it at that.

I think it’s worth saying here that you will struggle to find five closer friends than you will in Maybeshewill. I can’t see that ever changing. It’s also impossible to imagine any of us stopping making music and there will definitely be more to come from some or all of us. We don’t see another Maybeshewill record in our futures right now, but hopefully we will make music together again at some point. You can never say never.

So, we’re in the process of putting together the shows that will mark our last tour together, but we can tell you that we will be playing the final show of that tour at Koko, London on Friday 15th April 2016. Please come and celebrate the last ten years of this band and help us finish this chapter of our lives on the biggest high we can imagine.

Tickets are available now from: http://www.seetickets.com/event/maybeshewill/koko/910362/

And so finally we need to extend a huge thank you to Peter Devine our long suffering live engineer, Tim at Field Records, Shane at Function Records, Freddy, Jessica and Thomas at Superball, Simon at I Like Press and Haydn at NMC Live who have made up our little world over the last decade. There are countless wonderful people who have contributed to this band in some way, big or small, and you should all know who you are and that we’ve appreciated everything you’ve done for us. All the bands we got to tour with, and the friends we made for life all over the world – thank you. If you came to a show, bought a record or a t-shirt, or even if you downloaded an album or shared it with a friend – thank you. If we never made it as far as your town, or even country – we’re sorry. We genuinely tried.

Thank you all, so much.



We’re keeping our schedule a little quieter this year, but there are still a few dates coming up that we need to tell you about…

18.07 – Devilstone Festival – Lithuania
19.07 – Melnā Piektdiena – Riga, Latvia
01.08 – BiNuu – Berlin, Germany (Visions Party)
21.08 – ArcTanGent Festival – UK

11187839_10153316319065781_7049311407304216936_o 19.07.2015 Maybeshewill (GB) @ Melnā Piektdiena [Poster by Inga Eke]  Maybeshewill-2015.indd  ArcTanGent-Line-Up-Announcement-260315

Between September and the end of 2014 we toured our newest record, Fair Youth, across three continents – Europe, Asia and Australasia – making it all the way to the far side of the world. During that time we filmed whatever we saw – shows, cities, roads, landscapes – and tried to document the experiences as best we could. We dumped all that footage on to a hard drive and gave it to our good friend Fraser West from WeTheConspirators who created almost all our videos to date, as well as all the artwork for Fair Youth. He’s put together this incredible video, which completely captures how it feels like for us to have been on the road for that length of time. There is so much more that we couldn’t squeeze in to this, but we think it’s a great snap shot of how it felt to be in Maybeshewill at that particular point in our lives.

If you still don’t have Fair Youth you can pick it up through all good retailers including iTunes, Amazon or direct from our Webstore… or alternatively it is of course available to stream through on Spotify or any other good streaming provider.

Watch the video right here, or if you’re based in Germany, click here.

It’s New Years Eve and we’re scattered across the country preparing to see in 2015 with our friends and families, but it feels necessary to leave this note to express our profound gratitude to all of you. 2014 was one of the most incredible years we have had as a band. Ten years ago we would never have predicted that we’d be playing so many shows to so many people in so many countries around the world. In fact, we never would have predicted that we’d make it to our fourth record… You surprise yourself I suppose.

We need to extend huge thanks to Haydn Britland and Callum Blanchfield, who continue to send us on ridiculous adventures around the globe, Simon Glacken who continues to persuade people we are worth writing about, Shane Billingham at Function Records and Freddy, Jessica and Thomas at Superball for making our records in to real, tangible objects at not inconsequential risk to their personal finances or reputation. We can’t express how much we appreciate that.

But, if you bought / downloaded / streamed the new record, came to a show, bought merch or just told someone else that we exist you are part of why this year was so good. This is not a hollow platitude – we cannot thank you enough.

2015 is starting to roll out in front of us, and although there probably (although we’ve said this before) won’t be quite as much Maybeshewill in it as there was in 2014, we’re sure there will be plenty of opportunities for us to all catch up.

Have an incredible New Years Eve.

See you soon,